id3-unicodify fixes non-ASCII ID3 tags that where wrongly stored as Latin-1 by misconfigured software.

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It was tested against

  • Python 3.6 (on GNU/Linux)
  • python3-mutagen 1.39
  • python3-beautifulsoup4 4.6.0


Run this script against a music file (-f FILE), or a directory (-d DIR) of music files (it will be scanned recursively). Optionally, aid encoding detection by passing suspected encodings with -c CODEPAGE_1,CODEPAGE_2. If the script is not called with --dryrun, changes will be written immediately to the files, so beware.


  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d DIR, --dir DIR     Source directory path
  -f FILE, --file FILE  Source file
  -c CODEPAGE, --codepage CODEPAGE
                        Suspected encodings to aid detection. Comma-seperated
  --dryrun              Do not actually write changes to file


Encoding detection is not 100% accurate. In my tests, it was reasonably accurate with up to two encodings mixed together in a music library. Always use --dryrun first to spot problems. Consider unicodifying stubborn files or directories individually with the correct -codepage CODEPAGE and then running the script against your whole music library.

The script is not optimised for performance yet. It might waste more CPU than needed.

Recent updates

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